How to Donate


The easiest way to donate is with PayPal:


Our Bitcoin wallet is 1PpoesdZ4XfP9AacFFFvseWEN8jfiChBmH.

Why Donate

Over years, we've developed and open sourced dozens of Clojure libraries. It took time to develop and document them (as a benchmark: Elastisch documentation took solidly more than 100 hours alone). Some of them are known to be best in their class in the Clojure community.

In addition, we continue to maintain and improve them. This also takes time. By donating you help the core team justify spending all this time on open source software.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us as


Why Only These Limited Options?

Services such as GitTip do not work with banks in most countries. PayPal does not let residents of some countries accept payments. Stripe requires you to set up a company or foundation before you can accept card payments: this is something we are not yet ready to do.

In the end, the combination of popularity of PayPal and ease of accepting donations in Bitcoin strike the right balance for us for now.

What Will The Money Go To?

Maintaining our existing libraries and their docs, developing new ones.

How Much Should I Donate?

It's up to you. We can give you a rule of thumb: if you use one or more of our libraries, chances are, it's saved you at least one hour of time. So consider donating the amount you charge for 1 hour.

Can I Fund Development of a New Clojure Library?

Please contact us as and we will try to work something out. We have only one requirement: we are not based in North America and will not travel in order to develop the project.

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